Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's Christmas!!

Or more accurately, it's my Christmas present - yippeee.

The Purveyor of Pretty Things arranges a whole load of workshops with Rowan consultants every year and the ones I have been on have been brilliant without exception. Today Jane Crowfoot was teaching finishing techniques and I went to hone my skills.

In other words I produced very oddly shaped pieces of knitting and proudly bore them home to show to H: "Look! look what I made" I cry, "gosh what lovely ....... knitting, erm what is it?"
March 003
Exhibit A is fairly recognisable - we knit a few rows and then put in a mini neckband, using different decreasing stitches at the sides of the neckband to see their effect and I picked up lots of tips for avoiding showing the decreases when the neckband is in, and that dreaded hole in the corner syndrome.
March 006
Exhibit B is where we get into truly weird - this practice piece shows button holes (the bottom one of the row of three is a deliberate how not to do it), increases (of many different varieties) and a bit of short row shaping for a shoulder at the top. In other words, it's an alien.
March 007
And finally my favourite, Exhibit C. Without scrolling down.. I said WITHOUT scrolling down, guess what colours I used to turn my four small squares into one big square.

Did you guess mint green and baby pink? No - why ever not!
March 008
Ah, the joys of mattress stitch.

It was a wonderful day spent with a lovely group of ladies, AND we had chips for lunch.

Thank you very much Mummy and Dad - a great choice of Christmas present

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  1. Very impressive! All that and a lunch of chips! Hee...I crack myself up! sorry


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