Monday, August 28, 2006

A Bank Holiday

Hurray - I'm not at work today and it's a MONDAY! Very few things beat the joy of waking up (at 8.30!!! - 2 1/2 hrs later than usual) and knowing that you don't have to go to work. Now I love my job - it's great but having a day off is just something special. The only problem is all the shops are shut so I can't go stash enhancing! Hmm - problem or benefit?

So instead I have taken the chance to get up to date with the ironing (grr) and do otherwise enjoyable crafty things! This morning I have made my final project spectrum postcard which is now all ready to send - I won't post a pitcure just yet so as not to spoil the surprise and it was great fun playing with browns and creams - not my usual card making colours at all.

I don't actually have pictures of anything to post at the moment as Smoulder is still the same colour - I've finished the left front and started the right - and my secret summer of socks pal socks are hiding until they reach their recipient.

On that topic my secret e-mail address may have been less secret than I intended - if I've been rumbled I'm very sorry and heartily glad the socks have been hiding - you may know whose been making them but you don't know what they look like so the element of surprise is still there! Yippee

I have also been tidying up my template this morning and I noticed how few items I have on the needles since I had a self imposed moratorium on yarn buying. However, all this is at an end. I have a list a mile long of projects I really want to knit and I probably will work my way through it eventually. The question always is should you buy the yarn now before it is discontinued or should you chance it and hope to find a substitute if you need it. I am going to knit Joy from Rowan Vintage Style which I've wanted to knit for a while. The temptation is that Yorkshire Tweed 4ply has been discontinued and Anna has it at a discount. After it kept falling down at knitting last week I realised that it was in fact calling to me so I accepted the inevitable. Unfortunately I need at least 10 balls and there were only 9 - step in the fellow stashers - we have found more than enough to make up any shortfall in the stashes of fellow knitters - I pick up the yarn tomorrow and I'm away!

Hope everyone else had a fun weekend - I'm off knitting in my remodled back garden - more on that later!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I have two today

Firstly I have now been married 4 months! I am quite possibly the happiest wife in the world - I love being married, it's great. Right enough smugness for one post!

The second is that I am officially grown up and old. The reason we know this is because my very last young person's railcard has now expired and I can no longer renew it. This required much chocolate flavoured consolation!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I know it's August but...

Today has been a very pink day.

First I got up and made a cake to take to a friend's - my lovely little sis gave me a cook book for my birthday called gorgeous cakes and I've been longing to try something from it but didn't quite want to risk the waistline so giving away a cake is perfect (well I say giving away, we did eat it for supper but that was the plan!).

I present to you:

Triple layer Raspberry Marscapone Cake - sooooooo yummy I may have to make another one tomorrow!

Today's friends are also of the crafty persuasion with the latest hobby of fabric flowers by way of experiment. A gentle afternoon spent chatting and getting glue on my fingers saw kind friend with a fantastic pink carnation hairband - it might sound twee but it's cool - think flowers tucked behind the ear rather than 1980s wedding and I made this:

It's not the best photo in the world but what I made is a beautiful raspberry pink sweet pea - one of my most favourite flowers - I promise it looks much more like a sweet pea in real life!

It is also possible that I have found the perfect "combination stashing". Before I restarted knitting I was an avid buyer of books and to tell the truth we have three large bookcases in my study, lots of others all over the house and still a massive pile of books on my study floor! Beacuse of my voluntary moratorium on more yarn stash until I've finished Smoulder I'm not buying yarn at the moment but KNITTING BOOKS - they're books and they're knitting - what more can a girl want!

The answer it seems is Debbie Bliss Pure Silk and RYC Classic Alpaca which adds to the books acquired from Liberty's earlier this month - so many things to knit, so little time...

Happy weekend one and all!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Has anyone seen this week?

I seem to have missed it - life has been even more crazy busy than usual - hence lack of posts (and pictures).

I duly finished the ends on smoulder - the back, and have begun smoulder - the left front (second in a five part series!)

I have also finished the first of my pal's socks - I would take a picture but it is hiding so as not to give the game away!

Will post properly when we stop having power cuts etc - in the meantime happy knitting

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Up-down up-down

We have finally reached the final official month of Project Spectrum (although Lolly has some great plans for a finish eveything up month). August is for the browns, creams, blacks, whites and neutrals.

Now that I have a free weekend in August I needed to address my crafting item for the month. And, dear reader, as you have already guessed, this means that I have had to eat my frog and tackle that remaining curtain.

The curtain said: "I shall be made. In full. Before the end of August. Definitely before the in laws (or anyone else for that matter) comes to visit"

And lo the Carie obeyed. And yea verily the curtain was made this afternoon and hung with all great pomp and circumstance (Angels and Cherubim were unavailable due to cancelled industrial action relating to tinsel allowances).

And it was good.

And the man and the woman got ready to go out for a friends's birthday drinks. And as they left the house they noticed that wrath had smote itself upon the curtain rail.

And it was bad.

[Leaving aside the racy narrative style the net result is that the curtain is finished but the curtain pole has pulled off the wall - you couldn't invent it if you tried].

However, I consider that the curtain, now finished, represents a significant Project Spectrum August project - particularly as my pal's socks are not cream, brown or any other kind of neutral! (But I have got to the heel flap on the first sock - needles are flying along!)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

More haste less speed (or always trust your gut instinct)

Casting on for my pal's socks I was a tad surprised to find the pattern suggesting 72 stitches for a medium foot. Now this is not a pattern with a huge amount of lacework or anything that requires extra room to compensate lack of stretchyness, nor does my pal have anything like massive feet. Still pattern lady said 72 so I duly cast on 72 yesterday and the little sock progressed.

Cut to train this morning and Carie's thoughts:

"gosh this sock is big - well she does say she takes a wide fitting - yes but so do I and I don't use 72 stitched, the husband takes 72 stitches - I'll just keep going a bit more and then I'll see"

By the time I got to work the decision had been made - the sock had to shrink. Now I have quite a history of making massively oversized socks and I'm pleased to say this sock was neither as big nor as long as my first effort (see very early posts for details) but (to the slight consternation of the lady next to me who I think was expecting to see knitting not frogging) I duly ripped out the sock and started again.

With 64 stitches.

The great thing is that rounds of 64 are a lot quicker than rounds of 72 and I've already done the cuff and I'm starting on the pattern - slight feeling of deja vu!

PS I've done half the ends on Smoulder - the rest to do tonight!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Busy fingers

Ably assisted by Donna's Knit Kit I have been busy finishing things.

First, courtesy of a horrid commute home yesterday I have finished the purply-blue socks (and it's not even that far into August!). Picture the increasingly frustrated knitter - irritated because the train was late, sat on the platform manically knitting the toe and then (on the train) realising that the sock could get finished before the train got to the station. I finished the knitting on the train,realised I had no scissors and had to attack the yarn with the car keys so that I could finish off the sock (whilst not accidentally missing the yarn and jabbing the very beautifully presented old lady in the seat next to me with my elbow). Ends were woven in et voila:

The Second Summer of Socks pair is complete. The next pair are for my sock swap pal. I've chosen the pattern, and cast on the first sock and I've done the cuff so far. I have to admit I did break my self-imposed moratorium on yarn buying but with the lovely husband's express consent and with good reason. The yarn moratorium is supposed to last until September but these have to be mailed by September and I have also run out of sock yarn apart from some that isn't dyed yet and the chances of me getting round to that soon are slim!

I'm not going to post any pictures of these socks until they have been sent out as there aren't that many people in the swap and I don't want to spoil anyone's surprise - all I will say is that they are bamboo!

I have also finished the back to Smoulder!

I think I can quite happily say that this is one of my most favourite knits - the colours are gorgeous and it knits up fairly quickly. In the spirit of enchantment I will shortly do the ends before moving on to a front!

And finally, news of two safe arrivals, the first I made and the second I made for.


My project spectrum postcard for Karla (before the two sides were stuck together). I really enjoyed making this butterfly flower card so I'm glad she liked it!

and second - the arrival of a new baby second cousin named Pearl! Hurrah!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Something Very Special

Today something very special arrived - or at least was found. It was found behind the conservatory and may have been there for a couple of days but it has been found now:

Hurray for my Rowan Exchange!

My exchange was the lovely Donna who sent me this knitting kit:

it is perfect - a cushion for my back while I knit, a gorgeous snuggly bag to keep the current project in and Derbyshire biscuits for sustenance - wonderful! And all in gorgeous purples and greens and creams!

Meanwhile the socks are nearly finished and Smoulder progresses like a house on fire (sorry couldn't resist!):

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rowan 40 - it's arrived!

Yippe yipee the new Rowan mag has arrived on the doorstep - well it arrived on Tuesday but I've been a tiddlypeep busy since then - very occasionally little litigators such as self have to go to Court and I went twice today - gaah!


The new Rowan is less extreme than Rowan 39 and there is a fair chance I will actually make something from this Rowan before the next one comes out (references to Carolina from 39 which may now become Aimee from Vintage Style! are atributed to the yarn leaking all over my hands and needles etc - if it hadn't done that I would have made it)

My instant favourites are Glade and Cobweb with Viktor for the lovely husband if he would let me and a bit of a hankering for Dew and Rustic, although Rustic I think is rather like Smoulder (which incidentally proceeds at a rate of knots) and I suspect I don't have the bosom for Dew - I shall watch other blogs with interest on that one.

Here are piccies of the favourites:



However, the next thing after Smoulder is definitely the tunic top from IK Autumn 2005 in Glacier Kid Classic - just got to wait until September before I can order the yarn!