Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm sorry to report that Carie has been entangled in her yarn stash; while she escapes I, the infamous H, have hijacked the Knitted Bear.

It would be fair to say I do not do as much knitting as Carie, I did finish a row on yet another baby surprise jacket last week but since then have been resting my needles.

So "what has Carie been knitting of late?" I hear you ask. Well I'm not sure to be honest, there has not been the usual volume of knitwear on display which leads me to one conclusion, there must be a big parcel full of socks waiting for me somewhere.

I know that Carie has been spinning recently because I recall the whoosh of her wheel complementing the weekends various sporting commentary, I also found the sink full of yarn which sadly prevented me from washing up.

There is nothing I would like more than to confirm that normal service will be resumed soon, however, as Houdini was on my side of the family, and considering the size of stash in question, I fear Carie may continue playing cats cradle for some time to come.

The Infamous H (Acting Captain Knitted Bear)