Sunday, November 18, 2007

A white November?

IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you may have guessed, this makes me extreemly happy. I am always hopeing for snow and I'm usually bitterly disappointed (and quite cold) but I never expected snow in November - at least not in England anyway.

Whilst I am aware that this just gives the train companies even more excuses for late trains (too cold, too wet, too leafy etc) - it's magical and I hope it lasts.

So do you want to see?

My first photo turned out to be completely black but here we have exhibit A - car in snow.
Exhibit B (Carie in snow) was shivering so violently that she appears to have multiple personalities
Exhibit C - snow on shoes.

My friends, it is real: whooo hoooo!!
(ETA: All gone now - very sad)

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  1. You live in the wrong country, in Norway we have snow now, and there is more to come in the weekend, so just come visiting me....


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