Thursday, November 15, 2007


Yesterday was stressful. In that way in which nothing in isolation sounds like a particularly big deal but all the little things add up and bite you. Mainly the biting comes from the train companies who seem hell-bent on vexing me this week - not a single train has run to time and I travelled most of the way back from London standing in the corridor- grrr.

However, increased train travel (thank you trip to London) means increased knitting time and another Christmas surprise has flown off the needles into the nice little pile of knitwear gathering in the study.

Now we all know that comfort eating is a bad thing (however effective it may be) but I think cooking might be allowed as therapy so I set about a little soul restoration in the form of a roast chicken and in the way of the world when sometimes things just come together like they were meant, it turned out wonderfully (and we have lots of leftovers for tonight - yum yum).

The piece de resistance is in fact courtesy of Lolly who posted her recipe for Butternut Squash yesterday morning/night depending on your time zone. It is here and it is GOOD!

Just look:
Whitby 006
Admire the impressive restraint that allowed me to take a picture before diving straight in!!

I love butternut squash and this is a firm favourite from now on. It does go very nicely with the roast chicken as well!

My conclusion for today: inner peace can be restored by a chicken, a butternut squash, some time with the Lady NaNoSweMo of the Lake and some quality time with H. Note to self - remember that in future.

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  1. I nearly dribbled onto the keyboard, it looks very delicious.


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