Friday, August 15, 2008


The BT man has been and gone and we are now linked back to the world - it turned out that the cable just outside the house had frayed (those crucial few inches that stopped it being our £200 problem and made it entirely BT's fault - phew). We have had a little move around as well and H's office is now entirely his and we've moved my computer up to my sewing room which will be really handy when I want to look at a technique or something to copy on my sewing machine - should save paper too.

Once I've had a tidy up and sort out I'll be able to show you pictures of my new crafty space.

Anyway - all this enforced separation from the computer has led to a lot of knitting and watching Olympics (and yes we have done a couple more early starts!)

I now have:

August 037
a back
August 038
a left front
August 039
a right front
August 040
and sleeves!

The sleeves are sewn in and the ends are darned in.

Oh, and I have 5 inches of edging which I knit on the train this morning.

Did I mention that this could be the most boring thing to photograph that I have ever knit - it's cream and gold and thick and thin and wonderful in real life but utterly flat in photos - particularly when it's first thing in the morning and the light hasn't come round far enough for decent photos.

To finished my Sweater Sprint I have to:

- knit two sleeve edgings, a hem edging and a neckband and sew them all on.
- join the side seams and remember to leave a gap in the right hand side seam for the tie to come through.
- make the belt which involves knitted leaves and some crochet that I don't really understand although the starting instruction is just make a really long chain so that I can do - the rest I'll figure out when we come to it.

All this means that I am having trouble choosing between going to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC tomorrow or staying home and knitting edging - only time (and the length of edging I knit tonight) will tell!

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