Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Once upon a time..

...in a land far, far, not-very-far away there lived a brother and sister named Patch and Honeysuckle. Patch and Honeysuckle had been born in the land of Sewing Room in the town of desk-by-the-window.

One bright sunny day they discovered that the border with the land on Landing had been opened and they crept cautiously across the border, hoping that they would not be attacked by any malingering hockey-sock monsters (and, dear reader, they are scary).

All was well and they came safely to the start of the perilous cliff face of Staircase. Patch and Honeysuckle were a little scared and though about retreating to the safety of Sewing Room. But no, they were made of sterner stuffing than that and they pressed on, down, down and down again.

And at last they came to another border, guarded by mysterious green fronds and they could hear chirruping and smell sweet scents drifting in on the breeze.

Carefully Honeysuckle nosed her way through the fronds with Patch tiptoeing along behind her (Honeysuckle is the oldest so she always goes first). July 127

And when they came through the fronds they found that they were standing in the fabled land of Garden:
July 126

"Wow!" said Honeysuckle, "I've heard of this place but I never really thought it existed - let's explore!"

But Patch was already off; "look at this - it's stripy and feels sticky but it smells nice, may I lick it?"
July 131
"No silly, it's a flll... a flllrr....flaw... a fla-wer, you don't eat it, you look at it."

"I like it" said Patch, "I'm going to keep it as a pet".

Honeysuckle was about to tell him that flowers probably don't make the best pets what with the wilting and all but then she saw a big blue mountain.

"Come on Patch, I'm going up there", and off they went. Truth be told, Honeysuckle was a smidgin afraid of heights and she had the odd wobbly moment on the way up, but there was no way that she could let Patch know that, and at last they reached the top.
July 128

And what a view it was.

After they climbed down again Honeysuckle found another "fla-wer"
July 130

"Atishoo! Atishoo! Atishoo! Fla-wers make me sneeze" snuffled Honeysuckle.

"Come and look at this one" cried Patch, "it opens and closed with the sun"

July 132

Patch and Honeysuckle played in the land of Garden all day long but it was over far too soon.

"Come on Patch" said Honeysuckle, "it's time for another adventure - we're going to Brighton and the beach" and she struck out in a southerly direction.

July 133

"Beach? what means by Beach? Beach! ... wait for me!" said Patch hoppitying along behind.

I would tell of the seaside adventures of Honeysuckle and Patch but all that is for another girl and boy to share.



  1. Cute! And I really like that pattern!

  2. I love the way that Patch manages to blend in with the bushes, you would have thought that he was much too bright to lose in that way.


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