Monday, July 14, 2008

One plus one makes two

It is perhaps a common trait of knitters that they share the same mildly obsessive personality. What else could explain ripping out so much knitting for one tiny mistake that you will always know is there, playing with different gauges to make sure the fabric is perfect, of relentlessly knitting up the contents of a sock drawer when we haven't needed socks in over two months.

I clearly have this mildly obsessive personality in spades. On Tuesday I started the Fiori di Zucca socks, I knit a bit of the pattern and oooooed and aaaaaaad over the pretty pistachio yarn and the flowery lace.

I didn't touch any of my other projects (of which there are several) until Sunday evening.

On Friday night I finished sock 1 and on Saturday it looked like this: July 060
July 062

July 065
July 063
And on Sunday:
July 073

Beautiful, beautiful socks and a good wodge of pistachio yarn left over for something pretty further down the line!
July 067

The thing is, I think the sock bug is fairly well rooted - today I started the Firebird!


  1. Wow--that was a fast knit!

    That is a great pattern...I've not seen it before. Great match with the yarn!

  2. Stunning, absolutely stunning.

  3. ooooh nice!! You are very very quick!

  4. I found the dragonfly pattern on Ravelry.


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