Monday, August 27, 2007

Time has caught up

and it is now the end of the bank holiday weekend. I have really loved having that extra day of work and I wish it happenned every week - four day working week, 3 day weekend - perfect!

Anyway.... what have we been up to.

was gorgeous - hot and sunny thanks no doubt to lots of knitting mojo and people casting on heavy winter woolies. H decided that it was just too nice to spend all day sat in the garden and suggested a trip to Upton House - one of our favourite local places.

The house is lovely if a little quirky but it's the garden we go for. From the house the garden looks like this
August 2007 003
(prostrate husband an optional extra) but can you see that ledge where the people are picnicking? If you stand there then look what you can see:

The whole garden falls away in terraces and it's stunning. We sauntered down,
August 2007 032
strolled around the lake
August 2007 039
and even met some local wildlife
August 2007 040
August 2007 017
it also seemed the perfect place to introduce the current sock-in-progress to a giant gunnera - and what sock is complete without such an introduction!
Leaves and gunnera

time for some knitting content - I have proudly finished a jumper for a one armed person!!
Okay okay I've finished one sleeve and still have the other and the button bands to go. I am still most enchanted with the cardigan and when not being knit it sits in my corner of the sofa to keep me company.

"not being knit on!!" I hear you cry - never fear I now have not one but TWO embossed leaves socks:
Leaves left footLeaves Right foot

I can't show you both in the hebe at the same time - I don't bend like that! Can you spot them here?
Embossed Leaves
Many many people have waxed lyrical about this sock pattern and it is rather clever - particulalry the way the toe shaping finishes off the last two leaves. I'm not so wild about the cast on or the heel shaping (it involves cutting the yarn and starting at a corner) but they fit well and are very cosy and with my own amendments I would certainly make them again. I'm currently deciding on the next pair to hit the DPNs so watch this space.

My activities today could only happen in rural England. We went to a scarecrow festival in Barford, a little village not too far from us. There were over 60 scarecrows and I could crash everyone's computers with the piccies but instead I've picked a few favourites and if you like a giggle I strongly recommend popping over to my Flickr page to see the rest. We went planning to spend about 1 hour pottering round and were there for 3 1/2!!
The Baachanalian
The Good Shepherd
Allotment Friends
And finally I can also report a bit of progress on Foxglove - it is marginally bigger than last time. I've popped in a photo really for colour than anything else - this is the nice simple stocking stitch part of the pattern before I cross over to the dark side for the flowers!
I hope you all had wonderful weekends - same again next year?


  1. All the knitting is gorgeous. And that would make any one armed person very happy.
    Scarecrows, what fun!

  2. I've been gathering clothing to make the last type of scarecrow. I think a seven year old boy is just about the scariest thing a pigeon could ever see and hopefully they will go and eat someone else's sprouts.

  3. Sounds very idyllic :)

  4. Re your comment:
    It is a bit fiddly with the entrelac, but not really a hard knit. Just setting things up the right way is the only hard part, so far.

    Thanks for the tip. Though, I don't think I'll be worried about having to sew for awhile. Don't think I'll be as fast as some who are knitting it now.


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