Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Swan Lake - the photo shoot

At this point in the proceedings I would love to be able to show you pictures of the Swan Lake stole (no longer a mystery) delicately floating over various garden plants, hanging from the bough of a tree overlooking some fields and a golden sunset or perhaps suspended on the balcony railings at my parents' house with that view as a backdrop.

However; I live in Warwickshire which is (a) in England and (b) a long way from the Westcountry. Accordingly at the time of said photo shoot it was (a) raining and (b) raining and (c) dark.

The photographer (H) was prized away from playing his guitar only to the extent of picking up the camera, the guitar stayed on his lap and therefore all photos have a slightly 'uphill' angle. I am tall but I'm not so tall that my husband has to crane his neck to take a picture of me.

Enough procrastination - I know you're here to see the pictures so without further ado I present:
MS3 039
Swan lake as modelled by moi, and
MS3 042
the ubiquitous (and rather appropriate) wing span shot:

Or at least as much of the wing span as we could fit in the picture - as you can see, I have been outspanned! As always the lace magic has done its trick and the stole is both huge and beautiful - the wing in particular and even though it is not the most practical garment for every day wear I love it and I only took it off last night to cook - spag bol does not mix with white lace.

Hmm - the lace addiction has set in well and truly!


  1. Tanya1:51 pm

    oh, me of little faith. I am not a lace knitter, although I appreciate all that is lace and am in awe of those that make lace. I have been a spectator of this Mystery Stole KAL. I was a little concerned about the asymmetry of this design as I saw knitters going into the final panel (I got a thing about symmetry). However, it is gorgeous and it looks so beautiful on. I am truly impressed and it makes a small part of me start to reconsider my stance on lace knitting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is simply gorgeous.

  3. I've seen many of these in the process of being knitted but this is the first modelled one that I've seen. It looks lovely, I wasn't at all certain how the asymmetry would work out but it is nicely balanced. I'm not sure the pasta sauce would add anything at all, not with the beads, there would be just too much going on.

  4. Just beautiful!


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