Thursday, September 02, 2010

Today's activites are brought to you by the colour Pink

It's been a colour themed sort of day for Team Girl.

September 027
Pink Matryoshka stitch markers (from Atomic Knitting via the Socktopus club I think),
September 025
Making pretty pink butterfly socks,
September 016
while watching a truly awesome pink dvd.  Seriously, the dvd is brilliant, I watched it 'cover to cover' this afternoon and apart from occasionally having to pause it so that I didn't accidentally put a tubular bind off on my sock heel, incredibly helpful - there are so many tricks that I want to try out next time they come up in a project - to say nothing of the deep desire I now have to cast on something in all the multi-colours under the sun, although my team Girl socks do seem to match Lucy's hair ....!

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  1. Your yarn is very pretty, I love the definition it creates. They will be lovely socks.


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