Monday, September 06, 2010

To Do Today - Updated

  • Clean House -check
  • Do Laundry - check with the small exception of the towels on the line that got an 'extra rinse' over night
  • Buy Groceries - check
  • Make Quiche - voila
September 140
  • Have Baby - I knew there was something I'd forgotten ....!
Chances of acheiving 5/5 - not a hope; I hate having to go to the supermarket.


  1. That must be the most ambitious to do list I've ever seen, good luck.

  2. Sooo, you'll be coming to knitting on Thursday then?! My forecast of having baby on the 10th is looking a little more likely.

    Seriously though, get some rest. You will need it when the baby comes.


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