Saturday, February 24, 2007

Some piccies and another FO

Well I couldn't do pictures earlier in week but now I can - ta da!

First up we have the blue Refined Raglan from Winter 2006 IK - exciting viewing isn't it!
I'm adding rather a lot to it in length and I suspect I will run out of yarn and have to try to acquire some more but I would rather do that than have a jumper that is too short and just irritates me. It always suprises me how much I have to add to patterns in length because although I am very tall (I'm 6'0") my height is in my legs rather than my back. On the plus side no-one has yet suggested thigh length socks!
Enough of that - I tried to get a picture to show the true colour of the yarn as this is as close as I got:But a bit less electric!
Now then, those mittens. I was going to take a picture of my first finished mitted on Thursday night but the light wasn't very good so I thought I would wait until Friday afternoon for a daylight shot.
I worked from home yesterday afternoon as I was in court in the morning. By the time of taking the photos I had this to show you:

And now I have this:

The pattern is Knitty's Corazon mittens which are a great pattern, really easy to follow and a great quick knit (as you see given I finished the second mitten in a day!) I was very proud of myself for doing two handed colour stranding throughout and I have definitely become more proficient - roll on more fairisle!

The only alteration I made to the original pattern was to decrease on every round in the tip rather than every other round as the pattern calls for as I needed slightly shorter mittens - mmm Alpaca mittens are seriously snuggly!

I've been running again today so as Ihave been virtuous I should get to snuggly up in a duvet and watch telly but sadly I have to do some work - maybe later.

Have a good weekend one and all!


  1. Whoa- you are inconceivably tall! (hee hee- I am a whole entire inch shorter than you are) I am frequently adding length to the torso of sweaters- 12 or 13 inches just does not cut it! I sneaked over here from the stash bustalong- congrats on another project finished!

  2. thanks please let me know... I woldnt want you to go without a package. I was somewhat apprehensive about international shipping, I guess rightfully so.


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