Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back on the wagon

Or perhaps it should be off the wagon and onto the road - yes the running has restarted after a period of snow ice and general lazyness.

However, not all of that time has been entirely unproductive - I have started two new blue projects - sadly no pictures because I am again blogging in my lunch break.

The first is the Refined Raglan from IK Winter 2006 in a purply-blue alpaca. It is very snuggly and I am really enjoying the quick repetition of the stocking stitch in contrast to the challenges of the lace scarf. I have done about 8 or 9 inches of the body already (it's knit in the round) thanks to a trip to Derby on Sunday to see some lovely friends who also knit and chat.

It has a turned hem which is currently flipping the wrong way despite all efforts to make it stay straight - if it doesn't fix with blocking I will have to do something clever with some sewing cotton but if anyone has any bright ideas please let me know.

The other is Knitty's Corazon mittens - I was given a scarf kit for Christmas in blue, pale blue and cream alpaca (100g of each) and whilst the scarf didn't really grab me (lots of long strips with tails on) I love the colours and the feel of the Alpaca and I would really love a matching hat and mitten set.

My KMKS kit has not yet arrived so I thought I would tempt fate by casting on for my own mittens [NB fate was tempted to send me the new IK but not the mitten kit!]. I am doing the Corazin mittens in the blue and cream (very Poole Pottery Cornishware colours) and then I will use all three colours for a variation on the fairisle hat in RYC Classic Alpaca. Meanwhile I am two handed colour stranding in the round on the train on the commute to work and getting some fairly odd looks doing it! On the plus side my two handed tension is improving - I think the off bits will even out with wear and/or washing so I'm not too bothered if some bits are looser than others.

David of the Sticks and String podcast mentioned doing colourwork in the round inside out so that your stitches are a little looser so I might have to give that a whirl some time.

In the meantime it's Shrove Tuesday and that means Pancakes (and possibly pictures!)

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  1. carie-
    I was your KmKs pal. I thought it odd that you did not post anything about the package but thought perhaps you did not like it or something... I am gonna have to try and find this package now...


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