Thursday, August 10, 2006

More haste less speed (or always trust your gut instinct)

Casting on for my pal's socks I was a tad surprised to find the pattern suggesting 72 stitches for a medium foot. Now this is not a pattern with a huge amount of lacework or anything that requires extra room to compensate lack of stretchyness, nor does my pal have anything like massive feet. Still pattern lady said 72 so I duly cast on 72 yesterday and the little sock progressed.

Cut to train this morning and Carie's thoughts:

"gosh this sock is big - well she does say she takes a wide fitting - yes but so do I and I don't use 72 stitched, the husband takes 72 stitches - I'll just keep going a bit more and then I'll see"

By the time I got to work the decision had been made - the sock had to shrink. Now I have quite a history of making massively oversized socks and I'm pleased to say this sock was neither as big nor as long as my first effort (see very early posts for details) but (to the slight consternation of the lady next to me who I think was expecting to see knitting not frogging) I duly ripped out the sock and started again.

With 64 stitches.

The great thing is that rounds of 64 are a lot quicker than rounds of 72 and I've already done the cuff and I'm starting on the pattern - slight feeling of deja vu!

PS I've done half the ends on Smoulder - the rest to do tonight!

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