Saturday, August 28, 2010

Off the needles

There's a little someone I'd like you meet:

August 182
Not the little bear obviously, who's still safely tucked away, but a friend who can't wait to meet him or her.
August 183
For the moment I think his name is Solomon, but the bear gets the ultimate say so, so I suspect he'll end up being called little grey elephant or something equally inspirational.
August 184
The pattern is another tried and tested baby favourite, Ysolda's Elijah, in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in colour 45 which I think might have been called Sea Foam.  
August 187

For the moment Solomon is making fast friends with the other teddies and I can officially say that I have finished all the knitting that I'd planned for this little one.  I think that's called tempting fate, maybe I should cast on a pair of teeny tiny socks or something?


  1. Very pretty, you have knitted him very quickly, I love his beautiful dark eyes.

    How about knitting a mobile, there must be some wicked patterns around.

  2. If you must cast something on, how about some clothes for that elephant. The others you knitted were so pretty.

  3. Oh, I knew little one would get an could the bear not? Too cute!!


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