Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From our textile reporter:

Lost: One Knitter. Last seen in the vicinity of an enormous star quilt and her sewing machine.

January 260

Whilst it is believed that the knitter in question may have been buried in an avalanche of quilt, our special correspondent, who has been talking to rescuers at the scene, has been unable to confirm the Knitter's state of mind as it appears that he has been distracted by the prettiness of the quilt itself and is now curled into a fetal position clutching the border of the quilt mountain to his cheek, only murmuring "soft and cuddly"; "look! starry!"; "will it be finished soon?"; and "my preciousssssss"

As I stood at the foot of this cascade of cotton I heard a muffled "but how do they manage it? how do they do all that quilting on so much fabric?!" but when I leaned closer I heard only the softly hacking rattle of a bobbin turning in its casing as the outline of stars appeared from underneath the walking foot.
January 267
And now, back to the studio!


  1. How do you manage both knitting and quilting! I used to sew lots, but haven't for years. It would take time away from knitting...

  2. Isn't it fun wrestling that giant beautiful pile of fabric through the machine :-)
    (I'm being quite sarcastic here - this is my least favorite part of quilting and is the reason I mostly make lap size quilts!!)
    Beautiful blues and beautiful stars!

  3. Holy crap--I can't even fathom how to quilt on something that large. Well, I don't do the quilting part anyway...but this is beyond me!

  4. I can recommend bicycle clips, rubber gloves and frequent swearing (when you find that the bobbin ran out several feet ago).


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