Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just a few more hours

Well actually it's more like 15 minutes and counting.

15 mins until the end of my 26th year. H and I have our join birthday tomorrow so there really was only one activity for this evening - make 2 birthday cakes!

Now H is a bit of a Celtic fan. This is after all a man who got married wearing Celtic shorts under his kilt. A Celtic badge cake is a bit of a challenge because of the fiddly drawing but green and white stripes - that I can do:

The cake is green:

And the filling is white (well cream at least). I am not the world's best cake decorater and I probably should leave the drawing to H who is much better than me. However, a cake surprise tradition is a cake surprise tradition and I hope he likes it: Despite there only being the two of us it still seems important to have two birthday cakes so I made a chocolate cake for me too (I cheated on the icing - it came from a Betty Crocker tub but there are limits to how many cakes I can make and ice in one evening). My creative inspiration for the decoration was these cupcakes at VeganYumYum .
I don't have half her talent but I have made a valiant effort to replicate both the tired roses scarf and Aimee as my current projects!

26 seems to have been a rather quiet year after 25. I got married, bought a house and had appendicitis at 25, but as H reminded me, he has changed career at 26 and I have helped him do that and to him that was the best thing I did this year (he hasn't seen his cake yet!)

Tomorrow is B-day which at present involves going out to lunch with my work colleagues (hurrah!) and going out for a lovely curry supper with H (double hurrah).

I hope you have a wonderful midsummer's day


  1. Yay, happy birthday! *hugs*

  2. Happy birthday to both of you, I hope that you have a lovely week of celebrations.

    Thank you for the link to the cake - I can't stand marzipan but I'm going to have a go at that anyway.

  3. Those are some fabulous lookin' cakes you got there, madam!

    Happy birthday to both of you babes in the woods (try 50 on for size - YIKES!)

    Birthday blessings!

  4. What an awesome cake with the little knitting needles and all!




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