Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Day 1 Report - Monday

I went to a pub quiz with some colleagues - house is still messy, knitting is being done on the train as usual!

On the plus side I did discover that to some people their is a well known pop artist Andy Worrell (rather than Warhol), Homer wrote the Ill-leed (rather than the Iliad), and Tolstoy wrote a book called Anna Karraneena! The crowning glory was when the quiz master asked us the following question:

When Roger Bannister broke the 40 minute mile what was the time to the nearest second?

Hmm - let me think about that one for a minute - even I can do a 40 minute mile - perhaps as a baby he crawled a mile.

The funniest bit about the pronunciations was that she repeated them twice giving the questions, and a further time giving the answers each time to a chorus of the correct pronunciation from everyone at the quiz.

Suffice to say we came 7th out of 21 teams and I won a voucher for a shirt in the raffle - no knitting but good fun!

More news tomorrow, in the meantime think pretty thoughts

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