Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pretty things

Earlier this month the lovely husband and I went on a trip up north to see his brother and sister for his brother's stag party. Sister and I went to John Lewis as you do and I acquired (magically - I really don't know how it happened!) two skeins of turquoise Debbie Bliss pure silk and a promise to make a scarf for SIL. As it is said brother's wedding on Thursday (leaving SIL the only unmarried one in the family) I thought she could do with a treat so last Thursday I cast on the seaweed and shells scarf as chosed by you the faithful reader (well Jill anyway) and the lovely husband. After some intensive knitting this:

Has become this:

It has used just about all of the two skeins and knits up beautifully - I forsee more projects in Debbie Bliss pure silk - it is so soft and so drapy. The finished size was about about 6 inches wide and 53/54 inches long. The pattern is called Seaweed and Shells and is available here. Just got to hope the SIL likes it - we will find out tomorrow!

Even more impressivly - two blue projects in the appropriate month - for me that has to be some sort of record!

In other knitting news the minty aqua socks are getting along nicely and I have the blue/purple ones lined up for July as soon as I (a) finish the current socks and (b) wind the yarn into balls - (grr!)!


  1. Your scarf is SOOOOOOOOOOO lovely! I bet it feels even nicer than it looks. You are quite a talented knitter! Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. Your sister in law is a lucky lucky girl!!! The scarf is beautiful!


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