Sunday, March 19, 2006

Carolina vs Washing up

Well what did you think?

Of course I did the washing up

THEN I cast on for Carolina!

Unfortunately there is a little bit of a setback in that the colour of the Vino KSS which I am using for the main part of Carolina comes off on my hands. I'm thinking this isn't a good thing and neither do the girls on the Rowan site so it is about to be carefully packaged up and sent back to Rowan - waaaa

I did really like the pattern though.

This leaves me with the sleeves which are very complicated but also in a different non-hand colouring colour. At the moment I'm just trusting the pattern and hoping for the best as it's very complicated and looks quite strange. I might post a picture soon when I get something worth showing!

Hope you all had a happy weekend and don't have pink hands!

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  1. Hi Carie - what kind of blogger probles are you having? I tried to put up some pics - wouldn't wotk at all.


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