Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One Year

September 023
One year ago today a little girl entered the world and made me a Mama.

September 059
HAPPY BIRTHDAY not-so-tiny Wee Girl!

September 465
At one year old you are amazing.  You're chatty and full of beans and you have the energy to defeat both your parents, although happily not the stair gates.

Last Sunday you climbed the stairs with Daddy following behind and I met you at the top as I got out of the bath with an enormous smile at your achievement.

You aren't quite walking but I doubt it will be long now - your crawling has some serious speed as you wiggle your way around the house.

You love your books - every morning you make a beeline for the bookcase to have all your books (and some of Mama's) spread out around you, and at the end of every day you snuggle up next to me to read your bedtime stories.  One of these days you might even stop trying to eat the books.

September 362 September 332

It's been a while since we went swimming but you're making up for it in your bath; scrambling out of your bath seat and trying to climb up the taps and splish sploshing all the while.

When you got downstairs this morning you found a little Kitty-sized swing in the lounge and your face was a picture - you couldn't wait to empty your other presents out of the seat and climb on in.  We'll be adding the leg extensions and putting in in the garden later so you can swing as I hang out laundry.

September 396 September 414 September 427 September 435

Daddy and I took you out for lunch at the pub,
September 463 September 487 September 508 September 519
Fish, chips and peas for your birthday lunch, and a smear of ketchup shamelessly purloined from Daddy's plate before we realised what you were after.

yoSeptember 593
Your birthday cake was pretty simple, a victoria sponge filled with whipped cream and raspberries and topped with more of the same.
September 580

This year you've learnt to breath, to nurse, to smile, to laugh, to cuddle, to roll, to crawl, to eat solids, to pull up, to toddle and to chatter.  It's been a big year.
Well my little girl, you're still quite tiny but you're not a baby any more.  Being your Mama has changed my life in so many wonderful topsy turvy ways.  I love you and I would not be without you for the wide world.

Happy First Birthday, and many more to come

love Mama 


  1. Yay! Happy birthday Kitty - and congratulations once again to Mama and Daddy on their baby girl who continues to be gorgeous and wonderful in all sorts of ways.

  2. Wow, how she has grown. Happy Birthday Kitty, I am sorry I can't be with you for your birthday party, I am sure you will have a wonderful time. I hope you received your birthday card and next time we meet there will be presents. All my love Godmummymandy. xxx

  3. Happy Birthday Kitty!
    It has been lovely watching her grow up on the blog and see you evolve as a family :)

  4. Happy birthday Kitty. Can't believe it is a year already! Makes me realise how soon Laura's birthday will be.


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