Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lacking ingredients

No gingerbread ingredients to be found in the house - it appears my longing for gingerbread may have led me to start snacking on another of the Christmas tree ornaments:December 377
He doesn't look too pleased does he?

This is another new addition to the tree this year - a little less intensely beautiful than my ice-skates; but one of H's favourites none the less.

The inspiration and basic pattern came from Elsie Marley - I spotted it over Christmas and had to add a bit of brown felt to a shopping trip just for the pure comedy value.


  1. I love him, I do..

    That is so funny, you've captured his expression wonderfully.

  2. Funny and amusing Christmas Decs.....I like that!

  3. I bite their legs off first, then they can't run away.

  4. Judith2:25 pm

    Poor gingerbread man! Love your decorations, lots of ideas for next Christmas (must remember to start early!)

  5. This is super cute!


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