Sunday, May 25, 2008

And the results are in

She loves it:
May 114
May 118
Or at least, she loved it once I took three repeats off each sleeve and adjusted the collar a bit but that was easily done and these pictures were taken today in the garden at my parents' house. I am so relieved. Phew! They say that you should never move house and get married and change jobs all at the same time - I'll say you should never knit to a deadline, for a person that isn't there to be measured and when you're making the pattern up as you go along!

We've just come back from spending a long weekend with Mum and Dad which was a wonderful escape from the real world - I rashly suggested that we go on a long cliff walk, and by long I mean that the cliff length is about 12.5miles and the path itself goes in and out and up and down all the way. It is really beautiful though:
May 030

May 014

May 013

There were sheep:
May 031
May 036
Seals on the rocks off the Lighthouse:
May 044
An ambitious seagull nesting on the dormer roof (and 'decorating' the roof) of a newly built house in Hallsands,
May 047
And 'helpful' sign posts like this:
May 046

(this is about 2/3 of the way through the walk just as you feel that your legs have turned to pure lead - we decided to go to Poole!)

[NB - H is reading this over my shoulder and would like you all to know that he was still flying along at this point - it is true that he raced up every hill we encountered, of which there were several - the rest of us plodded along]

And in all of this exhausting exercise there was time for a little knitting and finishing:

First to debut - my Silk Dream
May 098
May 099
May 100
It's a hit, need I say more?

And then we have and unusual development in the Red Hot Poker bed - could it be a finished Firestarter?
May 108
I really must improve my garden to offer more room for floral knitting photography - perhaps that's a project for tomorrow!
May 111


  1. I'm so glad your Mum likes her Cardi, its looks great Carie. As of course does all of your knitting :)

    I love the picture of the little fishing village, it looks so pretty.

    And, Seals.. Wow, I'd love to have seen them.

  2. Your knitting is beautiful! I especially like the cardigan you made for your mom. Wow.

  3. That cardigan for your mom is gorgeous. I'm not sure I've seen that pattern before and I really like it. You did a great job!

    Also like your shrug...I've been thinking I may need to knit one of them in the near future!

  4. Your mother's cardigan is gorgeous and I love your shrug, too!!


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