Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year and a new project

Well it seems only right...!

One of H's lovely Christmas presents to me was a skein of Cherry Tree Hill Merino Laceweight in Cabin Fever. It's a wonderful mixture of smoky orange, red and brown, just like watching a fire burn down at the end of a winter evening.
January 002January 004
January 007

As soon as I unwrapped it I knew which project it was for; or rather half of it - this skein is 2400 yards long.

So this morning, to celebrate the New Year and the fact that I'm not at work at the moment there was a little winding:
January 009
And then there was a little pattern printing:
January 014
And now there is a little shawl:
January 018
Little being the optimum word!

The pattern is the Icarus shawl which was published originally in Interweave Knits but has also now been released as a direct purchase from MimKnits. She writes the most beautiful shawl patterns and I bought this one a while ago, I was just waiting for the perfect yarn! Now that I've got it I think I've started another project that I will sit and croon at - "so pretty"!

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