Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tired but happy

H and I have just returned from visiting his parents and siblings for the weekend for a second Christmas and I am shattered. I can't believe I have to work tomorrow - it just doesn't seem right somehow but at least we get Tuesday off again and then it'sonly 3 days to the weekend.

Time with the inlaws almost qualifies for my dream of constantly knitting with someone else providing all of the meals so there has been a good deal of knitting over the past two days.

I officially qualified myself as ready to be committed when I found myself completing a cable and bead row on the Holly Queen as we zoomed up the very bumpy motorway. Holly Queen is now finished and was test-driven on the way back down - warm, soft and wonderful! I'm also making good progress with the mystery green project which turned out to be a Tangled Yoke - I think I've finished the waist shaping so i can't be too far from the underarms at which point it all stops and I go off to make some sleeves! No pictures at the moment because of a combination of lethargy and it being dark outside but I'll try to post at some point soon.

Oh, and I got a new cake tin!!

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  1. Have you seen the train cake tin in the Lakeland catalogue? I keep looking at it but I know that it would get next to no use.


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