Friday, May 12, 2006

The Long Silence

Is now ended!

The reason for my lack of blogging activity is, as could probably be deduced from my sidebar, that I am now married, and I was away for my wedding and honeymoon! Yes that's right, little Miss B is now Mrs K - gosh! Being married is great and our wedding day was the happiest day of my entire life. I'm told I didn't stop smiling all day and my face certainly ached afterwards!

The weather even played along - it was freezing in the morning and cloudy but by the time we took some of the photographs in the early evening the sun had appeared - it was however freezing cold - I'm shivering in most photographs!

Anyway here are some non-knitting related wedding photos!:

Mr and Mrs K on the balcony of my parents' house.

Extreemly cheesy photos I know...

Aah my dress - sooo pretty I really didn't want to take it off but as it was a boned corset it was rather hard to eat anything while wearing it!

The last picture is me collapsed at our hotel, it was the most comfotable place to sit as those dresses take up quite a bit of space!

We then set off on our honeymoon to Florida, the plan being to spend a couple of days in Orlando and then go to Naples and Clearwater - lots of walking along beaches into sunsets etc.

Unfortunately I started feeling a little unwell when we arrived in Orlando. Thinking I was just airsick we went to sleep but that didn't really do much and the darling husband ended up on a 4am trip to the Pharmacy, followed by an 8am trip to the doctor with me. Doctor looked at me, prodded my tummy and sent me to the hospital in an ambulance where, later that evening a very clever surgeon removed my appendix through my tummy button!

Yes dear reader I got appendicitis on my honeymoon!

It's one of those things where you either laugh or cry. Having done the crying while in lots of pain, I now think it's quite funny. Certainly I never imagined that the first use of my married name would be on a hospital bracelet, nor did my lovely husband plan on testing out the "in sickness and in health" part of his vows quite so soon!

Still when I was released from hospital three days later we did manage to do a bit of sitting by the pool sunbathing (no swimming for me) and with a wheelchair loaned by Disney we did a little bit of pottering about.

One of these days we will go back and do our honeymoon properly but it will never be quite the same and while I don't really mind for me, I do mind that my lovely husband had a pretty wretched time and whereas my time off (including the further week and a half I have to have off work now) is sick time, his holiday won't get refunded and it really wasn't much fun for him.

Still we were put in place by a guy working in the magic shop at Downtown Disney, Lovely Husband had been a fairly regular visitor there while I was in the hospital as he is quite into magic tricks and he took me back to meet the staff (and to buy him some more magic tricks!). We explained that we were on honeymoon but had appendicitis and Charlie said oh I know how you feel, my wife has cancer and the day after our wedding her intestines collapsed and I had to take her to hospital. Mr and Mrs K duly counted their blessings - in the grand scheme of things appendicitis is not bad. It can be fixed and they don't even leave much of a scar - the whole operaton was done through three little holes, 2 are 1cm long and the one on my tummy button is only slightly longer!

Still lots of fun things that we did in Orlando:
1, Went to Cirque du Solei - WOW!! They are just amazing - nothing I have ever seen compares to these guys - their reputation is well deserved.
2, Went to Disney's MGM studios which is great fun and was a good park to do in a wheelchair as I could go on most of the rides and they had some cool things like the Indiana Jones stunt show and an animation studio where you could learn to draw Mickey Mouse - I'm getting better at it slowly!
3. Went shopping!!! (Caution: actual knitting related content approaching!) (Well not just yet!) The lovely husband acquired some magic tricks and some pretty new clothes and his wife discovered Williams Sonoma - ah I could live in that shop it is so cool. Unfortunately cake tins do tend to be a little heavy to bring back but I am the proud owner of a cake tin that makes a sandcastle cake - I would post a photo but I need to reconnect the camera port to the computer and I'm not supposed to bend that much. We also went to Barnes and Noble and I have acquire Stitch n Bitch (long overdue) and the Happy Hooker (as I really must learn to crochet) as well as Yarn Harlot's book which is hilarious. Little trips of Michaels and JoAnns enriched my scrapbook stash, my quilting stash and my knitting stash by a set of crochet hooks and some Sugar and Cream cotton in a green white yellow and blue colourway and also green and purple. Piccies to follow at a later date.

I suspect this is the longest post I've ever done but that's me up to date!

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  1. Wow! I loved reading this post about your wedding. How sweet! And beautiful pictures! You both look so sweet!

    You will always have a story to tell your children (don't wait TOO long! ;)) and grandchildren about having appendicitis on your HONEYMOON! Poor hubby!

    Congratulations and have a beautiful future.


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