Friday, October 29, 2010

What a difference a week makes

Slightly bigger daughter:
October 360

Slightly bigger sock:

October 371
With baby for scale.
In fairness madam la princess has grown quite a lot more than the sock and now tops the scale at a blooming 11lb whilst endeavouring to outgrow her 0-3 month babygros at the speed of light but this should not be a shock given that it directly correlates to the amount of time feeding vs knitting.
October 350
That there has been any knitting at all is a plus in my book - little lass has recently decided that a nice way to finish the post feed burping process is to snooze on Mummy's shoulder leaving my hands free to wield the DPNs.  The slight motion of my hands rocks her gently and we both think it's great although I almost had a rethink after a delicate burp was swiftly followed by a neat posset straight down my cleavage, avoiding both of our clothes until the regurgitated milk collected warmly in my bra. 'Coals to Newcastle' is I think the phrase that came to mind!
October 340

But the truth is that she is a treasure, with a smile to melt the stoniest heart and for all the projectile emissions that this little girl has mastered, I adore being her Mum.

Monday, October 18, 2010

In the last 4 weeks

I have:

- Watched my daughter visibly grow out of her newborn clothes.

- Gone on our first visit to the park.

- Lost track of time gazing at her cute little face and listening to her tiny snores.

October 255

- Accepted her role as her imperial highness, ruler of Daddy and the rest of the free world.

October 318
- Changed more nappies and sets of clothes as a result of mis-timed nappy changes than you would ever have thought possible.
- Developed a keen sense of the importance of bunny feet for little girls.
October 319

- Watched my precious girl smile for the first time.

- Made it to quilt class, and even managed a tiny bit of quilting.

- Knit six rounds on this sock:
September 220

(STR mediumweight in Fire on the Mountain)

- Never been happier

October 335

and as madam has just made an omnibus and fragrant noise I'm off to an appointment with the changing table!